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When you’re choosing a new pair of spectacles or frames, you’re not just looking for something practical – you want something that suits your face and more importantly, your personality.

At Sunil Opticians we understand style and take a great interest in the latest fashions across the globe. That’s why we carry a huge selection of frames from some of the biggest brands.

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Which lens options are right for you?

There are many types of lenses which offer different levels of performance; from the latest technological developments with tailor-made options for the best possible vision, to great value ranges suitable for all budgets - available in both single vision and varifocal.

At Sunil Opticians we pride ourselves on recommending the best lenses available so you get the best choice to suit your needs.

Lens Options

This coating is widely known as Anti – reflection coating which is very popular today. The advantage of this coating is that it improves the visibility, eliminates reflection and also enhances the cosmetic appeal of wearing a spectacle.

This is multi layered combination of multiple coating given principally to the plastic lenses. This coating comprises antireflection coating, the scratch resistant coating , the top hydrophobic coat (which prevents water getting smudged on the surface of the lens) and zirconium oxide coating to increase the toughness of the lens. This not only enhances the optical performance of the lens but also the life of the lens

Single vision lenses have one single prescription across their entire surface and are suitable in all scenarios, whether you need your glasses for driving, working or reading.

Sunil Opticians also offer the latest innovations in single vision lenses. From our Clearview Crystal Advanced lenses delivering our widest fields of view, clear vision to the very edge of the lens, superb contrast and colour definition as well as being extremely slim and light to options such as Thin & Light for great comfort and appearance; Anti-Reflection for clearer vision and Transitions that change with the light for added comfort.

If you need to wear glasses for both distance and near vision, you could wear separate pairs of single vision glasses dedicated to each task. However, the preferable option would be to consider the benefits of Varifocals.

A bifocal lens provides distance and near vision in one lens. The near vision correction of the lens is contained in a segment, often visible on the front of the lens. This segment provides the extra power necessary for you to read clearly.

Bifocals may still leave a gap for mid-distance vision; and, as a line dividing the lens is visible, some customers feel bifocals are not as cosmetically appealing.

At Sunil Opticians we will recommend the best option for you. For reading, this could be single vision lenses dedicated to your needs - or you may be looking for a quick solution to keep handy by using Ready Readers. We have a full range in our accessories section in store.

Ready Readers are an ideal accompaniment to prescription glasses. Fitted with simple magnifying lenses, Ready Readers do not act as correction lenses, but are useful for everyday reading around the home. Our multi-pack option allows you to keep a spare pair at your bedside or next to your computer, giving you instant access to clear vision whenever you need to read small print.

Regular eye check-ups are still necessary to determine your eye health status and vision needs.

Eyes change throughout our lives, gradually losing the ability to focus on close objects. During our mid-forties, the lenses in our eyes become stiffer, and the muscles that control them change - which eventually causes blurred vision. This is called Presbyopia, and it happens to all of us.

You'll probably find yourself holding books, newspapers or product labels further away, or needing more light in order to read clearly.

If you are experiencing the symptoms of Presbyopia, there are three lens options:

Reading: good for near vision only. If you look up at a computer screen or across a room, your vision will blur while wearing glasses.

Bifocal: an older option wherein the lens is divided into two distinct sections for near and distance, but provides no correction for mid distance.

Varifocal: ideal for all distances, as the lens corrects near, distance and in-between vision.

These are lenses which are very useful for people who work a lot on the outdoors. These lenses protect users from UV rays from the sun and also gives a good contrast, both indoors and outdoors. These lens change colour when used outdoors, depending on the UV rays in the light. For more information on these, kindly visit the Transitions website.

Tint’s are colours added on to the lens you wear. Most lenses can be tinted to any kind of colour that you wish. These are good for people who want to wear sunglasses customised to your power.

Polarized light is the glare created by light reflecting on any surface: water, sand, glass or snow. On the beach, our eyes are bothered by blinding reflections from water or sand. We are driving and we are hit by glare bouncing off the road. Polarized lenses block 99.9% of irregularly reflected light, offering crystal clear vision and total comfort. For a live demonstration of the polarised lenses you could drop in to any of our stores.

Frame Options

Most Metallic frames are made of materials such as Stainless steel, Titanium, & Monel. All metallic frames are prone to corrosion depending on the weather conditions and usage. Metallic frames can be made in all kinds of colours and are very stylish. Titanium frames have high Corrosion resistance, are very light in weight, strong and are more popular in rimless frames. However these frames cannot be mended once broken.

Plastic frames are mostly made of materials such as SPX, ZYL, Acetate, Carbon, Nylon & Polycarbonate. These frames are very bold on the face and are good for people who handle frames roughly. They are generally sturdier and do not corrode.


MULTI VISION SOLUTION, a revolutionary concept, is the world’s first ever all-in-one multiple viewing option. It is a classy and elegant 4-in-1 kit that contains…A premium Titanium frame – exclusively designed with multi-vision provision to suit your prescription power lens.

A Polarized clip-on – because, polarized sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful rays of the sunlight, ultraviolet radiation and mirage effects, reduce glare and block reflection, protect your eyes from strain, thereby reducing stress, and help you see the true color of any image or object.

A 3D clip-on – because, today, almost everything comes in 3D – television, movies and books & magazines with 3D content. And using those huge 3D glasses on top of your specs is inconvenient, as two pairs of glasses don’t sit on one nose.

A Night Vision clip-on – because, night vision glasses are a real boon in low light conditions, as they enhance your vision of objects, making it convenient for night driving, night life, sports activities and many more.

These sleek looking clips from MULTI VISION SOLUTION are very easy to use and in just a matter of seconds, you can turn your specs into a polarized one, a 3D one or a night vision one.

WithMULTI-VISION SOLUTION, spectacle users can break away from the limitations of their spectacles and view life in all its facets.

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