Contact Lens Clinic

Why spend your youth lost behind glasses?

If you wear glasses you will know that they don’t always offer you the most freedom; your field of vision can be restricted, they may get in the way on a night out, and they can be dangerous if you’re playing sports. So why not try out contact lenses as an alternative?

Glamour Contact Lens Range

Glamour range offers a more vivid colour change with a black outer circle for a more defined eyes. The lens carries a slight Aztec design which enhances the overall effect and gives a glamorous look.

Big Eyes Effect

Big Eyes effect lenses make your eyes look bigger and brighter with a doll like appearance. The thick outer ring creates a defined looking eye with naturally blending colour tones.

Stars & Jewel

Stars & Jewel series makes your party and weekend a real Stars & Jewel experience. This "social" lens creates a subtle shimmer and sparkle in your eyes is ideal for meetings and evening events.

3 Tones Lens Range

With the perfect colour blending technology, 3 Tones enhance your eyes with subtle blending patterns and colour. If you are not into vivid colours, 3 Tones does the wonder you're looking for.

Basic Contact Lens Range

Basic offers a quick change of your eye colour to the tone you always dreamed to have. It works well on any eye colour with it's simple design and bright colours, creating a natural coloured eye effect.

Fusion Contact Lens Range

fusion offers a creative mix of colours that form beautiful colour shades, ideal for both light and dark eye colour. A revolutionary lens which offers a blend of colours to provide a lighter and more vibrant eye colour effect.

Eyelush Contact Lens Range

Eyelush is here for a beauty make-over. Combined with pleasant colour tones and our unique "Lush" design creates impressive definition and a lustrous look. The opaque colour works well irregardless of your eye colour.

Elegance Contact Lens Range

Elegance adds the final touch to your sophisticated appearance. It's vivid tones and alluring black sprinkles adds to your bold outlook. Whether it's for work or fun, Elegance has the six exciting colours to match your lifestyle.